TMO Wednedsay - October Update

It is great to finally see all the children comfortable and happy to be at preschool.  Although some cry when you leave, they now quickly become engaged in an activity.  One favorite activity that has the children smiling is the big ball house.  This is a fun way to talk about colors and have fun at the same time!

We introduced the dot dot markers and the children quickly learned how to decorate colorful pumpkins with them.  Crayons and markers as well as chalk are available for them to explore with too.

tmo w.price.jpg

The beautiful fall mornings have been great for us to go outside to use our large muscles.  In addition to using our large muscles outside, we have also been talking to the children about the signs of fall we see outside such as the leaves changing colors and falling off the trees.

The children look forward to music class with Dawn.  Singing songs, dancing, and playing with the instruments is always fun.  Last music class, the children had a special treat.  Dawn played the flute and then the children were able to help Dawn play the flute. 

In November, we will be talking about Thanksgiving and about all the things we are thankful for.  As always, thank you for sharing your little ones with us on Wednesday mornings.


Christine and Nada