Christmas Traditions

Think back to your Christmases past.  What do you remember?  Ten to one, I’ll bet most of us remember doing something, rather than getting something.  I loved going with my parents, sister and all the aunts, uncles and cousins, to Christmas dinner at my aunt’s.  We went every Christmas night, even after I had children of my own.  It was our Christmas tradition.

At this time of year we get so busy…..busy planning, buying, wrapping; busy worrying that we are spending too much or not getting just the “right” thing.  Each of us wants our children to be happy.  It can be such a great time of year.

But our own experiences tell us that our feelings about Christmas center more on the traditions we remember rather than the “things” we get.  So what gifts can we give our children that they will remember forever; what traditions can we establish?

Is it time to bake cookies together; make gingerbread houses? Is it caroling with the neighbors or with the whole family, taking the older couple on the block decorations the children have made or raking their leaves? 

Children cherish the time you spend with them, decorating the tree, cuddling before bedtime, reading together.  They love that for an hour you put your phone away, truly away, and play, or work with them. And, as hard as it seems with all there can be to do, your children love when you can choose only the important things to do, let the extras go, and enjoy your time together.

Merry Christmas to you. Let there be peace in your homes and on earth.