5-Day Update:December 2nd, 2016

Christmas is such a magical time for children! We hope to capture that excitement by offering a variety of Christmas themed activities in the next two weeks. To expand the concepts, next week, we will also add Gingerbread Man fun to the mix!!!

Aqua Room

In the Aqua Room we turned graham crackers into a reindeer treat. Children used fine motor skills and followed multiple steps to arrange each piece on the cracker. 

Blue Room

The Blue Room has been busy transforming our room into a Christmas space. The train is ready to travel to the North Pole and our tree has already been decorated and redecorated (by the students, of course). Soon the children will wrap (and unwrap and wrap again) gifts to go under it.  And they will fill the air with the scents of Christmas by sticking cloves in oranges.

Green Room

It is starting to look a lot like Christmas in the Green room! The children have been busy creating gingerbread houses complete with festive doors, windows, roofs, and Christmas decorations! 

Yellow Room

In the Yellow Room, the children are working hard to create patterned ornaments out of beads They so enjoy hanging them on the Christmas tree.  Who knew they are learning and strengthening their finger muscles could be so much fun?