TMO M/T is Rolling Along!!

We are so happy to be back at school! The children have been busy enjoying many sensory activities that are so important to their learning about the world around them.

At the sand table the children practice sharing of the space and the sand toys. They enjoy pouring, sifting, filling and emptying out the containers.

The kinetic sand is a different texture and the children are learning that it reacts differently than the beach sand. They are able to shape it as well as fill and empty the containers. The also use cookie cutters to cut out shapes.

We also use play doh in the classroom. Another way to allow the children to experience another texture that can be molded or cut into shapes with popsicle sticks and cookie cutters.  

The train continues to be a classroom favorite the children are getting so much better at sharing and working together to build their trains.

The snow was still on the playground when we went outside so the children enjoyed crunching it under their feet and feel how cold it is. It is fun to watch as they work and play together, and learn to help each other.

The children love to watch our fish have his breakfast in the morning, they get excited as he swims to the top to eat his fish food.

We have magnifying glasses available to allow the children to explore items from nature.

Our mornings are busy and so full of fun. It's amazing how much the children have grown up since the beginning of school. They are using their words more and more every day. They have gotten used to their daily routines and are transitioning so much easier now. Movement, Music and Little Shepherds are looked forward to and the children are participating more. This is a year full of new experiences for the children that will prepare them for next fall.  We look forward to spending the morning with your little ones.

Leslie and Christine