Red Room One : Snowy Days and Valentine Fun!

Reading the book, A Snowy Day, prompted many different activities in the Red Room. 

Hope you have seen our many creations with large and mini marshmallows, toothpicks and pretzels. The class made cute snowmen and some went home and some got eaten. 

We washed and matched mittens in our class “washing machine”  and hung mittens on the clothesline.  Squeezing clothespins is a great fine motor skill, preparing the children for opening and shutting scissors as they begin cutting.

We have set up a cutting center and learned safety rules for using scissors. Ask your child. We are cutting playdough, straws, and small strips of cardstock paper.

 The Nature Lady visited our class on Feb. 2nd.  She told us a story and showed us many habitats for raccoons, bears and mice. Then we made our own bear caves with moss, acorns, twigs, and “snow”.

 We are practicing our scooping skills with spoons and colored rice and coffee. Filling up cups and bowls is the task at hand. This activity will prepare us to begin serving our own snacks.

 As we read Clifford’s First Valentine Day, we learned about writing and mailing a letter and going to the post office. Ask your child what happened to Clifford at the Post Office when he was a puppy.

We used our class mailbox to mail letters and postcards and stamped letters with stamps and stamp pads. We learned sign language for” I Love You” and traced our hands to make prints and fold them into the sign to send home to you. Here they are on our magnetic oil pan in our classroom.

We so enjoyed our sweet treats and making bird feeders with fruit loops at our Valentine’s party.  Great fun for all!  Thanks to all our helpers!

In the weeks to come we will be focusing on feelings and the vocabulary to name these feelings. VCU dental students will be visiting our class on March 1st to talk about dental hygiene, proper brushing techniques, and healthy/unhealthy foods. It won’t be long before March and bunnies will be on their way to the Red Room!

As always, thanks to all our parents,

Debbie and Mary Beth