Red Room Two : Snowflakes and Hearts

The Red Room is having great  fun with all the concepts associated with Winter.  The children have been making snowmen and mittens using all different types of materials and methods.

They have also had the opportunity to paint snowmen, using marshmallows.  Winter sculpting is fascinating, with  the children making all types of winter creations using toothpicks to attach marshmallows, sugar cubes, Styrofoam, and packing peanuts to one another.

They have also enjoyed painting mittens with empty spools, creating an interesting texture and using a different method of painting.  The spools left snowflake like prints all over the mittens!

Other opportunities to make seasonal creations were finger painting, painting valentines at the easel, and cutting and making valentines using all types of materials at the art table.

The children still so enjoy the sensory table.  Right now it’s full of ice. How exciting is it to play with ice, touch it, build towers with it, watch it melt into water and even use a baster to squeeze the icy cold water into a cup!

Matching games are a great activity. Your children matched hearts of different sizes and colors and other Valentine shapes, such as ovals, stars, squares, and triangles. Without their knowing, we are double checking your child’ s ability to recognize colors, shapes and sizes.

The children used tweezers to move small plastic valentines into a valentine shaped ice cube container. 

They also transferred cotton balls (representing snowballs) using a clothes pin from a bowl to a tray. In this activity the children needed to squeeze the clothes pin to grab the cotton balls, one by one. What great small muscle strengtheners! 

We’ve had a wonderful time singing and reading at circle time.  One of our favorite stories is The Mitten. The children enjoy acting out the different animals and hiding them in the mitten! We have been singing songs about winter including, “I’m A Little Snowman” with props and actions.

We continue to thank you for your support and also a big thanks to the volunteers who helped make our Valentine’s Day so special.


Blanche and Michelle

Date Reminders: Spring Break begins on March 4th.     We’ll reopen on the 14th.