Looking Forward to 2016-17 --- New Offering! Check it out!

There was an old sixties song, “It was a very good year”.  That’s what we can say about St. Stephen’s Preschool this year!  And that spirit is contagious.  Our applications are high and people are eager to hear if we have spaces.   We need your contracts now so we know where space is available.  Thank you for your help with this!

This year, we created a new classroom for three year olds, Red Room 1.  As a result of that class and the interest in St. Stephen’s for 2016-17, we will add a fourth 5 Day classroom in that space. 

In addition to our regular preschool 9-12 program, we are also considering offering a class that meets from 12 until 2 daily, Monday through Friday, for those students currently in the 5 Day program who are coming back for another year.  We hope to offer the extended day program in addition to the current options - early morning drop off, lunch bunch and enrichment. 

If you are interested in applying for the extended day class, please contact the office immediately.  Call 804-288-6401 or email mchenault@saintstephensrichmond.net or swaechter@saintstephensrichmond.net .

Thanks for being such great ambassadors for St. Stephen’s!  We look forward to hearing from you about your contracts and the new program.