Winter in the Purple Room!

The Purple room students have been busy exploring many facets of winter. 

We have read books about bears and hibernation, created bear caves and hibernated in our pj’s.

The sand box has been transformed into a box full of ice blocks, then later one filled with snow.  The children watched  penguins frozen in ice through the morning to see what happens to ice in room temperature over time.  The children strengthened their fine motor muscles grasping and squeezing a baster to soak up the melted ice.  They also used those muscles while playing with a tray of arctic animals, an igloo, and a (playdough) lake.

We have read many books about snow, hoping that we could bring snow to Richmond and it worked!  Snow plows are now out in force in the snow box.

Once a week each class goes to Movement.  The children always look forward to the many fun activities with Preston Blackburn, our movement teacher.  Recently, she helped them create a whole class snowflake.

The children continue to love books, what active imaginations they use, dressing up and trying out different roles that they have read about or that they have learned about both at home and school. 

Outdoor time continues to be a wonderful way to start our day.  Thank you for bundling up your children in weather appropriate clothes and boots.

Thank you for blessing us with the care of your children.

Sarah & Amy