Welcome Spring! Egg-cellent Work Happening in the 5 Day Classes!!!

What an egg-cellent time we have been having in the 5-day classes...with a wee bit of St. Paddy's green on the side!

We have been dying eggs using natural dies. The kids have used beet juice, blueberry juice, coffee and turmeric to color the eggs. Wonderful natural colors and smells!

The blue room has duck eggs in the incubator!! We will be hatching duck and chick eggs. The duck eggs take longer to hatch so the chick eggs have yet to be added.  This will be an exciting couple of weeks!! 

Mr. Mcgregor's garden is well maintained by the 5 day kids. The vegetables are harvested daily!! Need some help with spring plantings? Our kids have been getting practice with the dirt and vegetables in the sensory table. 

The egg drop challenge!! The kids have enjoyed building "contraptions" in an attempt to keep their egg from breaking when dropped from the playground wall. 

Having so much "green fun" on St. Patrick's Day! Some of the kids chose to try the green eggs in the blue room.


Happy Spring!! Elsa's garden is already looking amazing. The kids have been excited to watch the daily changes while on the playground. 


The 5 Day Teachers

Just a reminder for this week's Easter egg hunts:

Yellow room 11:30 on Tuesday 3/22 at SSP

Blue room 11:00 on Thursday 3/24 at the Mcfarlane's

Green room 11:30 on Wednesday 3/23 at SSP

REMINDER : There is no school on Friday 3/25 and Monday 3/28 because of the Easter holiday.