Dental Health and Classroom Fun in Red Room One!!

Our March 1st visit from the VCU Dental School Doctors was so informative. The children took turns brushing the Crocodile and Puppy’s teeth with an oversized toothbrush.

They heard about brushing and healthy foods to keep our teeth shiny. Two of the boys learned to take turns while playing Crocodile Dentist and some brushed the crocodile’s teeth with toothpaste(shaving cream).

We celebrated a week honoring Dr. Seuss and his birthday, reading The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham. Using tongs, the children put green eggs on top of the ham (pink sponge) in the water table.

We all enjoyed green eggs (“green yogurt and vanilla wafers(yolk) for our special snack.

Continuing through March, we read Little Cloud by Eric Carle and What Makes a Rainbow. We learned how clouds become heavy with water droplets and fall from the sky. We made shiny showers and marble painted rainbows. 

In our sensory box were Easter eggs filled with things that make sounds when we shake them. The children’s challenge was to match two eggs that had the same sound. Ask me what sounds I heard.

We love to look for hidden treasure in the sand table.

Ask me to recite the finger play, “Five Little Bunnies in the Bakery Shop”. The words are on the way home this week.

Play dough continues to be a favorite and donning a chef hat and apron to cook in the kitchen was just the ticket for cooking green eggs.  

A class bus trip with Mary Beth and a ride on the train outside on the playground, continue to build our friendships.

April Showers and pretend yellow ducks will visit the Red Room in April. We loved having you visit for our Easter Egg hunt. 

Happy Easter and Happy Spring!                          

Debbie and Mary Beth