5 Day is Huffin' and Puffin' with the Three Little Pigs!

Last week, we started a study of the fairytale “The Three Little Pigs” with the five day children.  We read several versions of the classic story and some altered versions of it, such as “Three Wolves and a Big Bad Pig”.  The children love singing Laurie Berkner’s “Lots of Little Pigs” song.

With construction the emphasis in all three classrooms, there are numerous opportunities for the children to build like the Three Little Pigs, to use tools and make gears go around.  In the Blue Room, children can glue pieces of wood together to create anything they would like.  They then may take the structure into the Green Room and paint it.  In the Yellow Room students built structures using shaving cream and foam blocks. Your children could be brick masons!

This week in the Yellow Room, there is a STEM challenge to build a house using no tape or glue that the Big Bad Wolf (i.e. the hair dryer) can’t blow down. Our goal is to get those brains problem solving.  

Students can also construct letters with straight and curved pieces of wood.

There are three pig art opportunities in the Green Room.  The children can make pig noses out of egg cartons, painting the individual egg container pink, then attaching an elastic band to hold the nose onto the child’s face.  Several children wore their “noses” for several days.

A pulley system is in action in the yellow room, where children raised and lowered a bucket to fill in the pieces of an alphabet puzzle.  What a fun way to learn that these simple machines can help us every day!

What could be more fun than huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf?  The children have been spraying tissue paper with water, watching the color transfer onto the construction paper, leaving their work for a day, and when it dries the next day, they blow the paper off like the Big Bad Wolf .  The tissue paper leaves a tie dye effect on the construction paper.  

This month, we focused on the author and illustrator Felicia Bond.  Most recently we explored “To Give a Pig a Pancake”.  In the Yellow Room, the children can cut out a retelling pancake which they then use to help them verbally recall and retell the story. 

The children had the amazing opportunity Friday to make pancakes with Chef Matt Woodward (Jen’s husband).   The children watching Matt make the pancakes from scratch and loved eating them and getting sticky like the Pig.  Thanks, Matt, for taking time out to come cook with us!

A visit with the Tooth Fairy and a dentist happened earlier in this week - what a fun way to learn about how to keep our teeth and gums healthy!

We hope everyone enjoys Spring Break March 7-11!  School will reopen on March 14th.

Upon our return to school we will begin our exploration of eggs and reading about Humpty Dumpty and learning that nursery rhyme.  There may even be an egg surprise coming in the next few weeks.  Listen out.

Green Day will be on St. Patrick’s Day March 17th.  The children are invited to wear green and bring in green snack.

Easter Egg Hunts will be held the week before Easter.  More to come as we near the days of the hunts.

·         Tuesday, March 22nd - Yellow Room Easter Egg Hunt: 11:30

·         Wednesday, March 23rd-Green Room Easter Egg Hunt: 11:30

·         Thursday, March 24th-Blue Room Egg Hunt: 11:30