Is Your Child Ready for More?

Is your child ready for more?  Has he been showing interest in reading with you?  Has she been starting to talk about letter and numbers, about why and how things are happening?  Has your child been asking, “why?” about everyday things?  Perhaps the extended class is the one for your child.

Our fall extended stay class is taking shape.  It is being offered to, and is particularly appealing for, those children who will be an older four or five.  It is definitely intended for the child who will be heading to Kindergarten in the fall of 2017. 

Those children are eager for more – more in depth exploration of math, science and reading presented in an interesting hands on way, more time with friends and a longer school day.  They are building their endurance so Kindergarten is not such an exhausting experience.

In a class led by Laura Nelson and Jody Lester, the children in this extended program will stay until two o’clock five days a week.  The class will be a unit from twelve to two in which children eat together, have learning extension activities three days a week that Laura plans, and enrichment classes twice weekly that are planned for that class. (And Enrichment, even with outside teachers, is included in the cost of the class!)

So join today and lead the way! 

Contact Sara or Marion for your extended stay contract.