TMO M/T is in Full Bloom!


The TMO children are enjoying their mornings at school!

The flowers in Elsa's garden are beautiful and growing and blooming like the children. There has been such an increase in their language, it is so much fun to listen as they learn to use their words and begin putting the words together to express themselves.

They are growing physically as well, as they climb the play structure and fire truck. They use large muscles as they push and pull the wagon. The sandbox also gives them opportunities to dig and fill buckets and trucks.

The children are practicing their pre-writing skills by scribbling with markers and crayons and painting at the easel.

In movement class, Preston placed suction "squigs" on the table and the children had to pull them off and run, drop them in a basket across the room. Pulling the squigs uses their fine motor and small muscles to loosen the suction from the table.

We had trays with shaving cream this week in class, which provides a tactile experience for the children. Some children enjoy the feel, and others, not so much. We provide the opportunity but the children make the choice.

Please be looking out for conference sign up which you will receive by email. Conferences will be on Tuesday, April 19th. Prior to conferences, think about and make note of anything that you would like to discuss. As always, if something comes up before then please contact me. We look forward to warmer weather and spending the mornings with your children. It truly is a joy!
Leslie and Christine