Butterflies and Blooms in Red Room Two!

The Red Room is filled with butterflies and blooms! 

Metamorphosis is the “Big Science Word” we are learning and we are actually watching this process happen in our own classroom.  Our six caterpillars made their individual chrysalids, and we waited patiently for our beautiful painted lady butterflies to emerge. We released them earlier this week - what fun!

To mimic what they are seeing, the children have made caterpillars out of colorful pompoms and tongue depressors.  Next they have cut out leaves for the caterpillars to eat. Their caterpillars were very hungry and have eaten many, many holes into those green leaves.   (The children made holes in their leaves with hole punches, strengthening fine motor skills.) Finally they wrapped their caterpillars in yarn to rest before…the finale…the gorgeous tissue paper butterflies. 

As part of our science, we have also learned that flowers have many parts - the roots, stem, leaves, and petals.  The children have loved putting together a huge puzzle with all of these parts. Ask your child what happened when we put white flowers into different containers of colored water.  

They have painted gardens using small toy rakes as well as making egg carton gardens with all sorts of materials. It has also been fun painting flowers using forks to give a different texture. The entire class worked on a garden mural which is displayed in our hallway. This was done over several days beginning with the soil and ending with beautiful flowers!

The sensory box is full of potting soil with plastic flowers, shovels, small flower pots and plastic bugs that live in the dirt! The children love exploring in the soil and seeing how it feels on their hands.

The children have also enjoyed examining different flower seeds of all sizes, counting flowers in cups, using a clothes pin to move and count pom poms on flower counting charts, making flower arrangements using a colander, as well chunks of oasis.

As we close the year, we focused on the importance of our mommies and honoring you on Mother’s Day.  Next…..it’s the  ocean!  We look forward to seeing you soon!



Blanche and Martha Lynn

Important Dates to Remember:

Spirit Night- Thursday May 12th

End of the Year Picnic- Wednesday, May 25th 11:15

End of the Year School Program-Thursday, May 26th 11:00