Spring in the Purple Room

Spring is a time of new life.  We went on a field trip to the Blue Room where we were able to watch their duck and chick eggs hatch.

In addition to new animal life, new plant life has sprung forth.  The children sowed seeds of grass, beans, and flowers and have had the magical experience of watching them grow.

We wouldn’t want to neglect the insect world!  We received our caterpillars and watched them eat and grow rapidly, form their chrysalises and emerge as butterflies.  We released them back to their natural habitat on Monday.

The children had the opportunity to make caterpillars with beads and pipe cleaners.  Through these types of activities, we are providing opportunities for the children to improve their fine motor strength and dexterity.

On the playground, you may have noticed that the Purple Room has a large number of trained firefighters.  They have saved a lot of kittens in addition to putting out fires.

It’s hard to believe our year is winding down.  Our picnics for each class are on the last day of school.

Purple Room 3 Day Picnic – Wednesday, May 25

Purple Room 2 Day Picnic – Friday, May 27

It has been a pleasure and a blessing to work with your children this year.  Thank you!


Sarah & Amy