April Showers and Lots of Seeds and Flowers for Red Room One!

The Red Room friends have been busy planting all different types of seeds. Spinach, beans, grass and beets are growing in our classroom.

We learned the parts of a flower: roots, stem, leaves, and petals. One child even depicted this on the flannel board.

We have also learned what every plant needs to grow. Ask me to tell you all three things!

One friend has been our faithful waterer, being sure the plants are tended each day!

Practicing one to one correspondence, the children can add a pompom flower to each stem, or make our own flower arrangements!

Some children sculpted flowers with play dough and pipe cleaners.

The children all loved watching carnations take in colored water through their stems, and seeing the petals turn colors. So much to learn from seeds and gardening!

We have enjoyed two water activities in our sensory table – one exploring the concept of sink and float, and the other with ducks. Ask me to sing 5 Little Ducks. Two children chose different objects off the tray to see if they would float or sink. They tried a spoon, straw, wooden popsicle stick, penny and many other objects.

We also, chose different objects to see if they were magnetic. We have so enjoyed our science experiments!

Our class really enjoyed visiting in the Blue Room and watching the ducks and chicks hatch!

Our class caterpillars have arrived and are in their chrysalis in our class sanctuary.  We are waiting patiently for them to become butterflies. We read Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar and retold it with flannel board food and magnetic pieces. The children can surely tell you some of the healthy things, and not so healthy things, the caterpillar ate!

 We are growing and changing just like the caterpillars. We have seen so many examples of cooperative play, now that the children are older and moving away from parallel play. We love seeing this growth of interactive play and sharing in our Red Room.

May will bring our butterflies to life! We’ve been talking about mothers are working on some Mother’s Day treats.  Shh, don’t tell! Kites and summer activities are the last things on our class agenda.

See you all at our class picnic, May 24th at 11:00, and our Spring Program, May 26th at 11:00am. We are so looking forward to sharing both with you!


Debbie and Mary Beth