Extended Stay Ready to Launch

Plans are well under way for our new Extended Stay program that will be launching in  September.  Laura, Jody and Marion have been busy talking about their vision and plans for next year’s program.

If you are wondering if this program is right for your child, let’s look at some of the reasons for participating.

1.     The Extended Stay will provide your child the opportunity to continue the learning from the morning’s plans and take them to a deeper level. The program will, to a degree, be child led, extending their interests and discoveries. For example, if we are talking about building during the regular day, we can take the lead from their excitement and develop lessons that support their enthusiasm.

2.    With a longer day, we will be able to incorporate more language, literacy, math, science, engineering and cooking into each week.

3.    The children are also going to have the ability to attend each Enrichment program offered so they will not miss those wonderful, varied experiences that each class and facilitator provides. 

4.     Being part of a small group that will remain the same all year will offer your child a chance to develop strong friendships and social skills beyond the regular classroom. 

5.    Jody and Laura will be the consistent teachers so they can follow the children’s interests and adjust plans accordingly.

We are so excited to be offering this program and hope that you will want to take advantage of this pilot session.  There are still some spots open. If you have been considering this program and wondering if it is right for your child, please come talk with Laura, Marion or Jody.  We think the Extended Stay will be a great addition for your child and look forward to sharing our excitement and thoughts with you.

As with all programs at St. Stephen’s Preschool, financial aid is available for those needing it.  Contact Marion for more information about it.