Happy 2016!

A great big welcome to everyone!

Where to start?  This is St. Stephen’s 45th year and we’ll be celebrating all year!  We’re so glad you’re part of this special time.

Kay Tyler and Marion Chenault are in the office, officially 8:15 until 2:00, unofficially a lot later than that right now.

The teachers come back the 29th, but there’s already activity in their classrooms.  Where we had water damage, we now have newly painted walls, waxed floors and new carpeting.  The teachers in the Five day program have already met and begun incorporating our new Aqua classroom into the children’s overall choices.  We’ll be scurrying around meeting, reorganizing classrooms and getting in touch with you for the next two weeks.

We’re not yet ready for prime time, but we will be by September 6th when Parent, Child, Teacher visits begin.

Thanks to all of you who have turned in your forms.  If you haven’t done so yet, go ahead and complete them now and get them to us.  Let us know of any phone, address or email changes.  The Parent Handbook goes to print next Tuesday, the 30th.  It will be too late after that to publish your preferred contacts.

Subscribe to the website, www.ststephenspreschoolrva.com, follow us on Facebook and watch your emails.  We will work hard to stay in touch, and will count on you to ask questions whenever you have them.

Happy 2016!