Between funerals and construction, which won’t be finished at least until the end of this week, I’m not sure we’ve had a “normal” carpool day yet.  Thanks each of you for your patience as the children, the teachers and you get used to the routine.

We begin opening car doors at 8:50 am.  Parents enter the parking lot at the Somerset entrance.  Please do NOT enter from Grove, or go north on Somerset, hoping to turn left into the carpool line.  It doesn’t take long for us to create a complete snarl if you attempt that left hand turn.  Go to Three Chopt and turn right onto York and then onto Somerset, entering the parking lot on the far right.  Then FOLLOW the car in front of you until you child has been unloaded.

Because of the parking lot construction (which is super loud, constantly changing and super confusing, sorry!) you can only leave the parking lot through the Grove Avenue exit.

Pick up begins at 11:50 am for the Red and Aqua classes and lasts until noon.  Please, if your child is in Blue, Green or Yellow, wait until noon, 12:00 pm to even get in the carpool line.  Once you have your child in the car, pull into the circular drive by the playground to buckle him/her in.  If you stop in the carpool line to buckle, you are holding up an entire line of cars and children.

Again, the parking lot construction will prohibit your making a left hand turn into the parking lot after your child is loaded.  You must exit on Grove Avenue.

We implore you not to pull around the car in front of you unless you asked to do so by a teacher.  A fender bender is the last thing any of us wants!

Thanks again and again for your patience!  We’re working hard to expedite carpool without making your child uncomfortable or hurried.