September 26, 2106 5-Day Update

We had a fantastic first week in the 5-day! The children are quickly acclimating to choice time.  For the first couple of weeks we focus on friends, family and the individual child.

pic 1 stamping.9.26.JPG

In the Green Room, the children explored stamping with shapes as a collaborative art activity where they worked together with their friends to create a shared piece of art.

pic 2 face 9.26.JPG



Children can create a variety of faces in the Green Room. There is a mirror on the opposite side from them to view their face. They enjoy making wacky faces!



In the Yellow Room, there is a flip book table that will be an option for the entire year.  Currently, the end product is a smiley face but it will change every couple of weeks to match the theme or season.  The flip book is a following directions and visual discrimination activity.  Each page shows a step in the process of creating the end product.  Right now the children will glue on a circle first, then flip the page and glue on an eye.  They have to compare it to the flip book and decide which side of the face to glue on the eye so it will match the flipbook.  This process develops visual discrimination skills.   

The author table, in the Yellow Room, features the author & illustrator Moe Williams.  Children can trace and cut out pieces to make a Gerald or Piggie paper bag puppets.



In the Aqua Room, the children have loved exploring water this week.

pic 9.table.9.26.jpg


The 5-Day Teachers

Dates to Remember

*No lunch bunch on October 5th because there is a whole school staff meeting. 

*School will be closed on October 10th for Columbus Day.