Our initial meeting times are almost over, and they’ve been wonderful! 

Thank each of you for getting all the forms turned in, for making the time to visit with your teachers and beginning to develop that all important relationship with them, and for helping your child start his/her school year off on the right foot.   If you’re comfortable here, that will certainly communicate itself to your child.

Tomorrow is the big day!  Carpool begins for the four and five day classes (for those in Phase in Group A).  Please make every effort to come through the carpool line.  That burgeoning sense of independence and confidence starts here.  If your child seems reticent, talk to him/her tonight about how carpool works.  If you’re not sure yourself, check out the parent handbook.  You can be confident that we all can do this, together.

For those of you in the Toddler class, meet Sarah and Amy on the playground.  And the TMO children will have their Meet and Greet tomorrow and begin phasing in on Friday.  Please double check your child’s Phase In schedule.  Not everyone will be here tomorrow.

Thanks to our Parents’ Council, who helped buy the touch pads, the school will remain constantly locked.  We will email parents the code so you, and you alone, have access to the school without ringing the bell. Please contact the office if you do not receive the email.

We’re off to a great start and looking forward to an amazing new year!

See you in carpool!