Purple 2-day Update

We want to share some pictures with you from December.  As you will see, your children were hard at work making decorations and gifts for you.  We read several books about the reason we celebrate Christmas, such as The Story of Christmas and The First Christmas.  The children also enjoyed hearing Gingerbread Mouse and A Magical Christmas Eve. They trimmed and untrimmed several Christmas trees around the room and enjoyed playing with mangers.  We especially enjoyed our sing-along with you just before Christmas. 

Our first week back, we settled into our school routines after the nice, long break for Christmas.  We transformed our room to a snowy scene with one bulletin board declaring, “Let it Snow”.  Little did we know it would happen so soon!  Last week we had a snow day and late arrivals and now we have a holiday in honor of MLK.  We have read Brrrr! and Snowmen at Night and will continue creating art, reading books and singing songs about winter.  Ask your child to sing “I’m a Little Snowman” (to the tune of I’m a Little Teapot).  

We have had one sensory bin with penguins and ice in all different shapes and sizes.  This week we will change it over to a “snow” filled sensory bin with trucks and plows.

Look for our “clothes line” strung with mittens next time you come into our hallway.

The sandbox and block area are always a favorite.

Be on the lookout for news of Hibernation Day when your child may wear pj’s to school.  

Thank you for sharing your children with us!

Sarah & Amy