Five Day Update - January 25, 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like Winter in the 5-Day classes.  We have read lots of interesting winter books including Jan Brett’s version of The Mitten and The Hat. We have also been acting out The Three Little Kittens nursery rhyme and washing mittens like the three little kittens in the Aqua Room.

Although it has felt a little bit more like spring recently, we will have Hibernation Day on Friday, January 27th. Children are invited to wear pjs for Hibernation Day on Friday, January 27th! We will put our animals to sleep now to hibernate until winter is over.  We will celebrate with hot chocolate and trail mix on hibernation day.

Aqua Room

In the Aqua room the children have been busy working with their hands putting their fine motor skills to use. In the water table they worked to wash mittens and gloves. This activity required them to squeeze out excess water and pinch clothes pins to hang the mittens to dry. They also worked collaboratively to build a sculpture with marshmallows and toothpicks. It was an activity that generated a lot of conversation and it was fun to hear them discuss their ideas of what was being built. 

Blue Room

The blue room has now become the area to work in if you want to ice skate on a frozen pond, drink hot chocolate made with brown pompoms and eat cookies by a campfire. Such wonderful imaginations and conversations are happening during all the dramatic play. New friends are playing together and children are working together and sharing the space. 

Green Room

What a winter wonderland! The children coming to the green room have been very busy filling the room with snowflakes and icicles. We have had so many snowflakes and icicles that they have even“spilled” into the hallway and office! 

The children have also been creating the some items they may need to keep them warm and cozy on these chilly winter days.  Check out their symmetrical mittens and “knit” hats! 

Yellow Room

in circle, each class has made “snow” using hair conditioner and baking soda.  We then transferred it to the yellow room where the children have enjoyed shaping and molding this interesting concoction as though it were the real thing. 

After covering the windows with another kind of “snow”, they have enjoyed writing their names, friends’ names and creating drawing on the “snow”covered windows. 

Building letter snowmen has been another choice. Children could choose matching the upper and lower case letters to the hat with the matching sound. 


Hibernation/PJ Day: January 27th

School Closed:

Friday, February 3rd - The teachers will be attending a conference as part of a city wide professional development day for preschool teachers.

February 20 - Presidents’ Day

Thank you for your understanding about the power outage on Monday.