Red Room Update - January 25, 2017

Welcome back to the Red Room and Happy New Year!

In keeping with the change of the season, we have begun discussing winter.  In conjunction with our discussion, we are learning about Hibernation. What animals hibernate and why do they chose to do this? Where do they hibernate? What keeps them warm? What do these animals eat?

Bears are one of the many animals that hibernate so there are bear games and art all around the Red Room. The children are making black and brown bears using various materials to give different textures.  They are using bubble wrap to paint bears and are painting polar bears with a glue and shaving cream mixture. Using circles and half circles of all sizes to create bears allows the children to recognize shapes and distinguish between big and small. Each bear is unique in its own way and made differently with a variety of supplies. Because some bears live in caves, the children are also making different caves using supplies from our art center. As a class we are making a large winter scene on butcher paper, using paint and winter animal stamps.

At the sensory table there is a “Hibernation Box”, filled with materials representing snow and animals that can hide in a variety of homes. The children enjoy playing with these animals as they act out hibernation.

The children can play a color matching bear game which involves patterning, and there is a counting dice game using bears.  They are enjoying bear books including: Don't Wake Up The Bear, Bear Snores On, Copy Me, Copy Cub, and Big Bear, Little Bear. A stuffed animal brown bear, fox, and mouse are visiting our classroom. The children are acting out hibernation in different places in the room with the animals and are reading books to them, but are also letting them sleep through the winter months!

Our song about Hibernation is sung to the tune of "Alloutte":

Hibernation, time for hibernation
Hibernation, time to go to sleep.
In the winter, where's the bear?
Sleeping in its log or lair.
Where's the bear? Log or lair, ohhhhhhh!

We will repeat the song with other animals including a frog sleeping by a pond, a snake in the mud beneath a lake and a bat in a cave.

Hibernation Day is Thursday, January 26th. We will wear our pajamas, eat a winter snack and enjoy our stuffed animals while they hibernate in the Red Room. We will conclude our unit on hibernation with a guest speaker from the Nature Club Thursday, February 2nd.  Be on the lookout for a special hibernation craft that your child will bring home.

We know the weather is unpredictable, but please check the weather and continue to dress your children in appropriate clothes for outside. We go outside every day, unless it is raining or freezing.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support of the school and the Red Room.

Fondly - Blanche and Debbie