May Fair House Super Bowl Suppers & Special Opening

Super Bowl Suppers: May Fair House is offering Super Bowl Suppers-to-go!  Get your Brunswick stew (1qt), accompanied by  Marti’s famous cornbread and Eileen’s Butterscotch Toffee brownies. Each dinner feeds four people for $28 and is frozen. Suppers are limited, so don’t wait!  

Special Opening:  May Fair House will be open during the Farmers' Market on Saturday, February 11, from 9-12.  Get some great bargains and frozen foods!  Christmas/holiday items are 75% off with discounts on other selected seasonal items.  Don’t forget frozen entrees, sides, baked goods and delicacies are also available to serve with the fresh items from the Farmers Market, creating an easy and delicious weekend meal.

May Fair House is open daily Monday - Friday from 10 am - 3 pm.  282-3004.  The grants from May Fair House serve women and children in the Richmond community and SSP is grateful to have been a receipient of their grants to fund our scholarship program.