Purple Room News - October 16

We enjoyed making crockpot applesauce together recently.  Only a few children tried it, but those who did enjoyed multiple servings.  Amazingly, thanks to the wonderful variety of apples you sent in, apples were our only ingredient!  The results were truly delicious.  

We had fun using a sensory pouring station created by the older classes which was on the playground for a few days.  The students poured beans and corn into chutes and funnels and watched with delight as they emerged sometimes in unexpected places.  In the classroom, we have a new sensory bin with corn, farm animals, tractors, silos and more.  

We continue to enjoy dramatic play, cognitive opportunities such as farm animal sorting by color, fine motor activities such as placing red pompoms on an apple tree or squeezing bubble wrap, and gross motor activities such as building a tall tower out of foam blocks.  

We have Music on Mondays with Dawn and Movement on Tuesdays with Preston.  I will be sure to take pictures soon in those classes and send them to you.

Our love of Eric Carle continues.  Your children have delved into painting large murals in the style of Eric Carle which we are transforming into some familiar characters from his books.  You will see the large sun and now a Brown Bear on the back wall of our room.  The children’s engagement with his books is that much richer for having explored his style of art in a hands-on manner.

By the end of next week, every child will have had a “Big Day” so we will then start back at the beginning.  Many of them are actually saying “Please Come In” when they open the door which is fabulous.  This is their first foray into public speaking.  A list of upcoming Big Days will be at the very end of this email, following the pictures.

We are frequently reminding the children to “Use your words, not your body”.  Repetition over time will be the key.  Thank you for helping us by reinforcing this at home.  When they use their bodies instead of their words to try to get a toy that they want or a seat that’s already taken, you can imagine the results!

Your children delight us each day with their warmth and curiosity.  It is a pleasure to teach them.

Sarah & Amy