Red Room News - October

During October the Red Room has enjoyed learning about apples and fire safety. We have been very busy and having so much fun. Please continue to ask your child daily about what he or she is enjoying in the classroom, what makes him or her smile. The children are eager to share and they are learning so much! Over the next few weeks our concentration will be fall, pumpkins and Halloween.

In Art we’ve used apples and fire safety as our themes for creating dot, dot, finger, wheel and easel painting, Collages of fire trucks offered the children the opportunity to touch and glue various materials and textures.

In the sensory box are pretend apples which the children could sort into baskets based on shapes, sizes and colors.  They loved the opportunity to squirt the “flames” there with a water bottle.

The children have been working on strengthening and using fine motor skills while working with playdoh, apples cutting (for applesauce), moving pom poms with tongs, tearing paper, peeling stickers and manipulating pony beads during bracelet making. They’re exercising their large muscles on the playground while swinging, climbing, sliding, pushing equipment, throwing, catching and tossing.

Tasting yellow, green and red apples and making and eating our own applesauce have been sensory delights.  Both applesauce and apples were delicious.  The children decorated muffins with icing, mixing primary colors to make new colors.  Yumm!

We’ve read Under the Apple Tree, Ten Apples on Top, Autumn is for Apples, We All Fall for Apples, I’m A Fire Fighter, Curious George At The Fire Station

Thank you as always for sharing your children with us! Also a big thank you to all of the parents who volunteered to walk to the fire station and to the parents who have made playdoh!

Blanche, Debbie and Jelena