For the children, yesterday was an afternoon of delight!  Jane Fain and Shanna Lent planned games and activities that made the children run, stretch and use muscles they may not have used in the same way before.

For the playground renovations, Fit and Fun was amazing!  Forty children participated!  A thousand dollars was raised.  Because of your enthusiasm for this project and your generosity, the playground fund is $1000 richer!  Wow!  It was a great afternoon indeed! 

We are grateful to Jane Fain, past movement teacher and SSP friend, Shanna Lent, Cayden’s mom and personal trainer, and Jen Woodward for donating their expertise.  All of them are movement specialists, who have brought their skills to your children. Huge thanks to Christine Bordwine, Amy Nelson, Mary Beth Deutsch, Mary Kay Douglas, Jelena Subotic and Kay Tyler for donating their time.  It was truly a community effort.