Red Room Valentine's Update

The Red Room has been full of love! Matching and counting games are great activities. Your children matched hearts of different sizes and colors and other Valentine shapes, such as ovals, stars, squares, and triangles. Without their knowing, we are double checking your child’s ability to recognize colors, shapes and sizes. Valentine BINGO was another fun matching game while learning how to fill spots on the card either horizontally or vertically. The children also counted hearts matching them into heart containers labeled with specific numbers.

The children used tweezers to move small plastic valentines into a valentine shaped ice cube container. Purple and Red Molding clay with hidden pink pony beads allowed children to manipulate small items while strengthening fine motor skills pulling the beads out of the clay. Hiding and squeezing the beads back in the clay after finding them was fun. Heart cookies were often made with red playdoh and the sensory box was filled with valentine surprises.

Finger painting, painting valentines at the easel, and cutting and making valentines using all types of materials at the art table filled the Red Room with lots of love.

The children enjoyed our Valentine’s Day party. Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered their time. The children had a wonderful day.

As we are beginning to count the weeks left of winter, we are still wishing for another snow while we learn about this season.

Thank you as always for all of your support.

Blanche and Debbie