TMO Winter Update

This Winter has brought snow, not only outside but in the classroom. We had blizzards in the classroom with snow made of torn up paper. The children enjoyed having the flurries in the classroom, catching them, letting them land on their faces and heads. Even making snow angels on the floor. Afterwards they helped plow the snow with a hand broom and dustpan.

The children continued with the snow and winter theme by painting at the easel with ice blue paint

and stamping snowballs and stars on blue paper taped to the art table. Painting in these ways helps to strengthen the arm muscles which help in their pre-writing skills.

The children have had the chance to use the light table the last couple weeks. It's fun for them to use the clear colored blocks and see how mixing two colors makes a new color. It provides another way for the children to view and learn colors.

The children are enjoying being together and are beginning to play together as well as side by side. It is fun to watch as they learn to work together and act as a team to get a job done, such as pushing the wagon to help their friend as they pull the wagon. Sharing toys at the sand table.

The children use fine motor skills to stack the pegs in the pegboard. They try to stack them as high as they can until it falls over.

The train continues to be popular with the children. They have learned how to work together to build he tracks and share the train cars.

We are enjoying the warm winter days and are looking forward to warm spring days ahead. Our mornings are busy and fun. The children are enjoying their friends and loving learning together.
Leslie and Christine