Yeah, Baby!

Our forty fifth anniversary party was a huge hit!  It was fun!!! It was so beautiful, with sparkles, candles, mirrors, 45’s and disco balls everywhere!  It was clever.  Who knew the 45’s were relabeled with preschool titles? We danced; we visited; we bid and we played!

And the big winner was….. drum roll …… St. Stephen’s Preschool Scholarship Endowment Fund will receive over $4000 from the event!! 

Your participation makes a huge statement about your priorities and the strategic direction you believe the school should continue to go.  Like the Board who first established a financial aid endowment, you, too, believe that every child who wants a good preschool education deserves one regardless of ability to pay.

Thanks to all of you who came and to all of you who participated in the raffle, by bidding or by donating.  A special thank you to our sponsors:

Outta Sight:  Jen and Roger Porter and Hardywood Park Brewing

Far Out:  Branding Marvel, Martha and Lee Chapman, Marion and Cabell Chenault, Dan and Brett Degnan, Wortie and Courtney Ferrell, Cowan Gates, Steve and Yancey Haas, Joel and Lindsay Horning, Heath and Kari Hyman, Caroline and David Jennings, Burke and Leigh Lewis, Andy and Calle Luke, Emily and Tucker Martin, Taylor and Leigh Pace, Taylor and Bruce Raquet, Kate and Boyd Rawles, Amy and Richard Rhoads, Chip and Nancy Vaughan, Bill and Gail Waechter, John and Sara Waechter, and Ware’s Wharf.

The party would not have happened without:

Head Honcho, decorator, organizer and planner extraordinaire, Hillary Szalay, (with thanks to John for his behind the scenes touches.)

Silent Auction Guru, Yancey Haas           

Amazing Program Designer, Neil Gregory

Support Team, Parents’ Council, under the leadership of Leigh Pace and Rebekah McKay

Photo Chronicler, Sass and Frass Photography


Fabulous Auction Contributors: Laura Loe, Mary Beth Deutsch and Jen Woodward, Matt Woodward and Cinebistro, Sarah Innes and Amy Nelson, Gray Thouron, Jody Lester, Whitney Thouron and Paige Archer, Blanche Bruns and Debbie Temple, Paul Watson and Ledbury, William and Kay Tyler, Woody Cheuk and the Float Zone, Kari Hyman, Dawn Childs, Annie Deutsch and TidalWheel, Carson Price, Liz Morton, and Burns and Turner Lewis and Lighthouse Oysters. 

To everyone, a job well done! 

Thank you!

PS  Enjoy these photographs by Sass & Frass Photography and click on the link for more fun memories.