TMO Thursday/Friday Winter Update

During the month of February, the TMO children were busy with many Valentine activities.  They painted big Valentine hearts on the easel and painted smaller hearts using their choice of pink, purple, red or white paint. 

We hope you enjoyed the Valentine’s Day card they made for you.  They used markers, crayons, dot-dot markers and chalk to decorate the inside of the card.  Gluing cut out hearts inside the card and using glue sticks was fun for all.  

The Valentine sensory bin was a great way to explore using their senses.  They had to find plastic red hearts that were hidden in the red and purple sand.  Pouring, scooping, and filling containers with the sand was a great way to build some math vocabulary such as more than and less than. 

The warm weather has been great for our outdoor time.  The children had so much fun playing with their friends and they look forward to going outside to give their large muscles a workout.

We had many activities to reinforce color recognition.  The light table was a fun way to explore colors using the colored blocks and seeing the light shine through them.  We also had colored boxes that contained objects of that color inside the box.  The children did really well by sorting the colored objects into the correct colored box. 

During circle time we enjoyed reading Valentine books and books about winter animals.  HOP TO THE TOP was a favorite book about a penguin named Rocky who has to hop to the top of a tall mountain.  The children made their own Rocky penguin puppet and were able to act out the story as it was being read.  Their Rocky penguins were hopping and hopping and hopping!

We hope you all had a relaxing and fun spring break. 

Christine and Liz