TMO Wednesday Winter Update

During the month of February, the children in the TMO Wednesday class were busy with lots of winter and Valentine activities.  The children painted at the easel for the first time and they all were eager for their turn to paint. 

We also painted snowflakes using watercolors.  This was the first time exploring with water colors and they all did great!!

We hope you all enjoyed the Valentine card your children made for you.  They enjoyed decorating the inside of the card using crayons, markers, dot-dot markers and chalk. Painting Valentine hearts with paintbrushes was another activity they all enjoyed. 

The warm weather has been great for exploring the great outdoors.  The children have been enjoying the time outside with their friends as well as giving their large muscles a good workout.

We have also been working on color recognition.  The light table was a wonderful and fun way for the children to explore the colored blocks on the table and see the light shine through.  We also used our colored boxes that contain objects of that color inside the box.  Some children were able to sort the objects back in the correct colored box. 

Sensory play using the sand table and playdough were fun ways to learn about their world using their senses.

We hope you all had a relaxing spring break!

Christine and Nada