Purple Room Winter News

In the Purple Room, we have celebrated winter in spite of the lack of it!  Building snowmen, making art with snowflakes and acting out the story of The Mitten are just a few of our winter themed activities.

Our giant mitten

A few weeks ago that we celebrated Hibernation Day.  The children enjoyed being in their pjs, having our special snack around the “cave campfire" and making bears at the art table.  We read The Bear Snores On many, many times, and now the children “read” it to themselves during our book time after snack.  Using her abundant creativity, Amy made a set of felt characters to go with the story enabling the children to enjoy it more interactively.  

While we haven’t had too much winter outdoors, we have had plenty of winter in our sensory bin.  We froze penguins into cubes of ice every night, then placed them in the bin with slides and tools allowing for opportunities to explore what happens to ice over time.  Ice was replaced by “snow” (chilled baking soda and water) with plows and the popular penguins made a reappearance.   “I Drive a Snow Plow” was a fun book to accompany this activity.

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with everyone wearing red and sharing cards with classmates.  The children made heart bags to receive their valentines, painted hearts using a large stencil, made marble art valentines for parents and some made heart shaped sun catchers.  

In keeping with our new Big Day bag and classroom door featuring Owls, we made owl puppets last week.

Fine motor activities are always available. 

Trains and blocks are favorites

At the end of this week we will part ways for Spring Break and hope to come back to more wonderful spring weather.

Teaching your children is a joy and a pleasure!

Sarah & Amy