5-Day Update: March 28th, 2017

It’s always busy in the 5-Day classrooms.

Aqua Room

Together we made a rainbow of all the wonderful fruits and vegetables the children brought in from home. The children sorted the fruit during drop off and together we made a beautiful display. Thank you for providing the extra fruit and putting in the time to wash and prepare it!


The children have found many creative ways to work with the Blokus tile pieces. They’ve worked together to practice sorting by color and shape and worked diligently to make the pieces fit like a puzzle. I assure you this is not as easy as it may seem. We’re excited at the problem solving and collaboration that has gone into this activity.

Blue Room

Seventeen eggs, courtesy of Louise Adamson Moore, arrived during spring break and are developing in the new incubator so graciously donated by the Haas family.  We are watching carefully and counting down to the day the baby chicks emerge. We anticipate they will be hatching on Wednesday, March 29 or March 30, which is Conference Day.

During circle we’ve read Jack and the Beanstalk, and now are having fun playing in the Blue room castle, which is surely just like the one from the Jack and the Beanstalk story.

The children also built their own castle to retell the story.

To further emphasize the theme, beans have been available in so many ways throughout the program.  They are on the tray for measuring and balancing.  We’ve used the in the art room for creating mazes.  They seem to be everywhere!

Green Room

In the green room we have been creating!! We have had the opportunity to work collaboratively on the castle in the clouds that Jack discovers when he climbs the bean stalk!

Creating a Beanstalk together has been a great way to increase fine motor strength!  Here, one of the children is following a circular pattern with his scissors to produce a part of the stalk.

We may not have magic beans but we have been using beans to create beautiful mosaics.

Yellow Room

Beans have appeared in a different activity in the Yellow Room. The children have been digging for gold letters in a bin of beans and matching them to the letters on the ABC line.

We also have rainbows letters next to the overhead for the children to explore in different ways. Some children are even spelling words or creating non words, while others are becoming teachers.


March 29 or 30, 2017 – Chickens hatch
March 30th, 2017: Parent-Teacher Conferences - School Closed
Friday, April 14th & Monday, April 17th - School Closed for Easter Break