5 Day Update - April 11, 2017

Spring is in the air with baby chicks, Easter Egg Hunts and a blooming garden. A big thank you to Susan Taliaferro for helping the 5-day children plant Elsa’s Garden again this year!!!

Aqua Room

To give the children the experience of using natural dyes, we used blueberries, beets, turmeric, and coffee to dye Easter eggs. It was a great opportunity to observe how the factors of time and dipping in multiple colors affected the coloring of the eggs. After two days and over 6 dozen eggs dyed, many children took the opportunity to peel and eat the eggs.  (Think how many small movements and muscles it takes to peel an egg!)

Blue Room

Our chicks have have come and gone to their forever homes. In the end we had a total of 9 healthy chicks and they are rapidly growing and enjoying their new homes with Kay Tyler and the Stewards from the blue room.

We will be switching now to talking about Easter eggs and the book Rechenka’s Eggs. We now have Peter Rabbit’s garden where the children can “plant and pick” vegetables, if that naughty rabbit doesn’t get to them first.  Literature comes so alive when the children “play” with the stories.

Green Room

In keeping with our giving the children many creative media opportunities, the kids in the green room have been painting with squeegees. This squeegee art has become the decoration for the children’s Easter bags as well as wall art for the hallway!

5 pastel paper.jpg

The adorable chicks may have moved on to their new homes but the children have had the choice to create their own chicks, eggs and all, that they can take home!

Yellow Room

The children are having fun matching an object to the letter it begins with.

After reading Rechenka’s Eggs they are making it come alive by creating their own beautiful eggs using oil pastels and a watercolor wash.

Wishing everyone a happy Easter time!

School Closed Friday, April 14th & Monday, April 17th