TMO Thursday-Friday Class Spring Update

Spring is in the air in the TMO Thursday/Friday class!  The children have been busy sorting plastic Easter eggs. 
They also enjoyed hunting for the hidden eggs and ducks in the Easter sensory bin. 




They painted bunnies using their choice of different spring colors.


Hammering golf tees into a Styrofoam block was another interesting way to work those small muscles and hand eye coordination.

Their small muscles were at work as they squeezed water out of sponges to give the ducks a bath. 

Play dough is always an inviting way for children to strengthen their fingers and imagination.

8 TMO ThF Pix 2017.jpg

In movement class, Preston has been working on the children’s gross motor development as well as their core strength.  Climbing onto the big foam block and then jumping off was fun for all!

If your children haven’t already told you, we have live caterpillars in our classroom.  We have been talking about how they will grow and what big changes they will go through to become butterflies.  We’re already becoming young scientists.

We will be reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle in the coming weeks and engaging in some fun activities relating to this book. 

With only a few weeks to go this school year, we are so amazed at how much your children have grown and changed.  It has been so rewarding!  We are looking forward to enjoying the rest of the school year with your children.

Christine and Liz

Dates to remember:

May 8-12 Spirit Week

May 11 – Spirit Day – Wear a St. Stephen’s T shirt or an orange one for our special 45th birthday celebration.

May 11 – Spirit Night, 5:30– A picnic dinner for the entire family.  More to come.