5 DAY UPDATE: May 1, 2017

Five Day children have had fun celebrating the Earth and all its gifts. Now we are taking a closer look at butterflies and bugs. The caterpillars we have been watching are emerging from their chrysalids this week.  Soon we’ll have painted lady butterflies.

Next week, we will be celebrating summer with a beach theme and Spirit Day! Spirit Day is Thursday, May 11th. Please have your child wear his/her St. Stephen’s T shirt or a shirt the color of his/her classroom to show school spirit!!!

Aqua Room

We whipped up some delicious dirt in the Aqua Room! The children had fun crushing Oreos, stirring and scooping pudding, and topping it off with a gummy worm.

The children also worked to make paper seed balls for planting. They shredded and soaked newspaper to make pulp, then pressed the pulp onto a screen to remove excess water, folded seeds into the pressed pulp, and lastly rolled the mixture into a ball.

Blue Room

The Blue Room is buzzing with activity. The children are having a lot of fun pretending to be butterflies. They can put on wings and flutter around the flowers in search of the yummy nectar

Many of the children have been enjoying creating a city complete with a zoo, ocean, buildings lots of twists and turns.

Green room

We have had a lot of fun reusing and repurposing materials in the green room as we talked about Earth Day.

The children dipped egg carton pieces in paint in order to create a beautiful flower mobile.

Now they’re painting branches for their caterpillars.

Yellow Room

In honor of Earth Day, the Yellow Room the children have been strengthening their hands by picking up “letter trash” with the fun claws. Then they flatten out the paper and identify each letter they picked up and count how many pieces of trash they picked up. Math, letter identification and fine motor skills all rolled into one fun activity!

At the science table we are also reusing biodegradable packing peanuts.  The children dipped them in water and then stuck them to the cardboard. Some children just enjoyed exploring the process and some children created with a plan.


May 11th Spirit Day: Wear your room color or St. Stephen’s Preschool T shirt to show your school spirit.

Please join us for the End of the Year Program on Thursday, May 25th at 11:00. Each class will meet and enjoy a Popsicle together after the program.