Happy Birthday, St. Stephen's Preschool

The children celebrated Spirit Day, an annual event, with a parade through the church and grounds, ending on the playground.  There a great surprise honoring the 45th anniversary of the school waited. The cupcakes with a birthday banner were a big hit.  The children sang Happy Birthday, then dug into their yummy treats.  Thank you, Parents’ Council.

In the afternoon we had a full house for the Fit and Fun lunch bunch.  The children played games, navigated obstacle courses and came inside red in the face with smiles and exertion.  Thanks to everyone who supported this playground fundraiser, especially the teachers who volunteered their time.  Fit and Fun was a great success for all the players!


Later in the afternoon parents and children flocked to Kay Tyler’s house for Spirit Night.  It was an evening filled with great food, beautiful surroundings, face painting, bouncy houses and school spirit. Thanks especially to Kay and William Tyler for hosting us and to the Parents’ Council organizing the entire event.