TMO Spring Update, May 11, 2017

What a fun year it's been! We've seen so much growth both physically and in verbal expression and such an increase in the children's interest and activity this spring. The children have been experimenting as we talk about and have activities on color and growing things. We planted zinnia seeds with water and a little TLC and had seedlings. We put drops of color in cups and then placed white flowers in the hopes the color would absorb up the stem. Unfortunately our experiment wasn't as successful as we had hoped. A few petals took on the color and it was a learning experience.

We watched what happens when we mixed primary colors. The children fingerpainted with primary colors to see how blending makes new colors.

We have been talking about caterpillars and butterflies and have read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar." The children enjoy reading along and talking about all he ate. They have painted a caterpillar and made dot-dot caterpillars.

In the classroom, we had 5 caterpillars and watched them eat and grow, then waited...and waited...whille they were in their chrysalids. We were fortunate and excited that the butterfies emerged while we were at school. The children were fascinated as the butterflies spread their wings and flew around in the butterfly cage. 

We have been grateful for the beautiful weather.  Playground time has allowed the children to expend all the pent up energy from the previous rainy days.

We took a walk to the church garden to get a closer look at the water fountain. The children had fun playing "I Spy" to look for flowers and bugs.

Thank you for the beautiful flowers and treats for teacher's week. We appreciate your kindness.

What a wonderful year it has been! Your little ones have grown so much and we count ourselves fortunate to spend our mornings with them. We plan on taking the children to the Purple room to see Sarah and Amy and the the space they will be in the fall. Transitions can be difficult and we encourage you to talk to your children about things that will stay the same and things that will change next year. Your reassurance will go a long way in the ease of their adjustment. We look forward to the next couple of weeks, hopefully with nice weather.

We wish you and your families a safe, restful, adventure-filled summer.
Leslie and Christine