St. Stephen’s Preschool Offers Extended Day

Have you been wondering if your child could benefit from a longer school day but might not quite be ready to start a kindergarten program next year?  Our Extended Day program could be just the answer for you and your child. 

We offer Extended Day to children 4.5 years and older.  Children who participate in Extended Day attend school each day, Monday through Friday, until 2:00 pm.

Extended Day includes individual, small and whole group enriching activities planned and led by two teachers, Laura Nelson and Jody Lester.  During the children’s learning time the teachers include STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math), language and literacy experiences.  

This year the children have built robot cars, tested ramp heights and speed, engaged in innumerable math activities (using manipulatives), predicted and tested science “guesses”  and started "reading" sight words using simple games, songs and books.  Everything is done on the child's level and intended to peak his/her interest and encourage love of learning.

In addition to the teacher designed activities, the Extended Day children attend each special enrichment session offered throughout the year as a regular part of their program (at no additional charge).  The Extended Day special enrichment programs have included soccer, movement, Spanish, cooking class and Virginia Rep's Tiny Tales and more!

Not only do the children have an opportunity for a longer day and carefully structured extended learning, this setting provides an environment in which strong friendships and partnerships develop. And of course, there is always time for playing, which is the work of children at St. Stephen's Preschool.

If you are considering this opportunity, contact Marion or Laura and Jody, the Extended Day teachers, who will be glad to discuss this program with you.