Summer Camp Fun!

Water, sand, woods, and fun!  Perhaps these words best describe St. Stephen’s summer camp this year. 

Each age group, from our youngest toddlers from the Toddler Morning Out class to our oldest campers, was greeted with rooms designed to delight the senses.

Each group got wet!   Whether the children were splashing dolphins and whales in the raised pool or sliding down the twisting playground slide into a pool filled with water, they reveled in the water play.

Some sat around a “campfire” in the blue room and roasted marshmallows, while others were sure to turn the lights of the four person jeep on as they traveled into the world of their imaginations.

What would a beach be without sand and sea shells?  Sensory bins filled with shells and light tables with bugs provided hours of play and experiences.

Thanks to the teachers’ wild imaginations, summer camp was just the right beginning for what we hope will be a fun, adventure filled, relaxing summer for your family!