TODDLER MORNING OUT - Wednesday and Thursday-Friday Classrooms

The children have completed phase-in and are beginning to learn the morning routine.  Thanks so much for your patience with the graduated schedule.  It makes such a difference for your children who are beginning to feel more comfortable in their classroom with their new friends. 

We are enjoying getting to know your little ones and watching them engage in the many activities in the classroom.

Some of the play areas that have been favorites with the children are:

Art:  markers, crayons, and chalk

Dramatic play:  feeding and strolling the baby dolls

Music:  After our first music class with Dawn, the children have so enjoyed playing on their own drums.

Snack time:  It’s great watching the children learn to sit together and enjoy eating with their friends.

 Book area:   The children regularly go to the comfy pillows with the stuffed animals and to hear a book.    

In the coming weeks, we will be doing many activities that focus on Fall.