Marion's Message

Creating Beauty Together!

Each of you has received a letter, along with a piece of card stock, on which you’ve been asked to trace your child’s hand, cut it out, and decorate it. We’re excited to see how many different iterations there will be.  Will some of the hands be painted?  Will some have materials glued to them and others made special in some other unique way? No matter how they these 'hand's turn out, they will be special and unique, just like each one of our students at St. Stephen’s Preschool.

Together all of these hands will become our masterpiece, just as you and your children, with each of your unique characteristics and varying backgrounds, will make St. Stephen’s Preschool the special community it will become in 2017. Thank you for helping with our school-wide project and being part of our St. Stephen's community!

In our community are children and parents from different places.  With a student body coming from 23 different zip codes in and around the Richmond area, we will arrive at St. Stephen’s Preschool from all over. 

There are at least 17 children who were born in another country or who have parents or grandparents representing other nationalities.   If you, your child or your child’s grandparents come from another country or speak a second language, I have a special request.  Please write, in the language and script of your country of origin, the word “Welcome” on a legal size (8 ½ x 14) or a regular size (8 ½ x 11) sheet of copy paper.  We will line the halls with your words, welcoming all to St. Stephen’s Preschool.

At least four of our children are bilingual. Though we are not as accomplished as they, knowing two languages, while speaking English, we will learn together!

Welcome to a new year at St. Stephen’s. Welcome to our community!