Do you wonder if your child’s articulation is on target?    Parents are always good at understanding their own child, but there may be times when you wonder if the way your child speaks is intelligible to others or if his/her sweet mispronunciations will last forever.   Put these concerns to rest with a speech and hearing screening.

On January 23 & 24,  trained specialists from the Scottish Rite Childhood Language Center will come to St. Stephen’s Preschool to screen any children whose parents desire it.  The teachers will also encourage parents to participate should they think it would benefit the child.  The cost is minimal, $30, but should a family not be able to afford the cost of a screening, please contact the office.

For most children, no speech work is suggested.  For those children who have speech delays, speech therapy can be a simple fix.  Speech therapy can make a huge difference in a child’s confidence, in his/her sociability and may even give him/her a head start in reading.  Catching speech issues early is a gift.

Please complete the permission slips sent to you via email and return before testing if you would like to have your child receive this service.