In conjunction with our discussion of winter, we are learning about Hibernation. What animals hibernate and why do they do this? What do these animals eat? Where do they hibernate? What keeps them warm? Bears are one of the many animals that hibernate. Bear related art and games are all around the Red Room. The children are decorating black and brown bears with various materials giving different textures.  They are using sponges to paint bears and are painting polar bears with a glue and shaving cream mixture. Because some bears live in caves, the children are making different caves using supplies from our art center.

There is a “Hibernation Box” on the science shelf filled with materials representing snow and animals that can hide in a variety of homes. The children enjoy dramatic play with these animals as they act out hibernation. The light table is also filled with winter animals that move through sand leaving their tracks behind.

The children can play color matching bear games which involves sorting and patterning as well as a counting game using bears.  They are enjoying bear books including: Don't Wake Up The Bear, Bear Snores On, Copy Me, Copy Cub, Hibernation Station, and Big Bear, Little Bear.

Our song about Hibernation is sung to the tune of "Alloutte":

Hibernation, time for hibernation
Hibernation, time to go to sleep.
In the winter, where's the bear?
Sleeping in its log or lair.
Where's the bear? Log or lair, ohhhhhhh!

We will repeat the song with other animals including a frog sleeping by a pond, a snake in the mud beneath a lake and a bat in a cave.

Pajama Day was so much fun. The children enjoyed a special bear snack with hot chocolate or apple cider. Their special animals had fun making choices and ended the day with a long nap!

We will conclude our unit on hibernation with a guest speaker from the Nature Club Thursday, February 1st.  Be on the lookout for a special animal house that your child will bring home.