Gorgeous Day on the New Playground!

There are times when all the stars are in alignment.  Saturday was definitely one of those days! 

It was an extraordinarily beautiful day in January.  We had chili and mac and cheese aplenty for all who came to the Chilly Chili Cook off.  The children loved exploring the rejuvenated playground. And, despite, the judge’s not picking my chili, we had an expert, impartial judge who was kind enough to take time away from Tarrant’s West to choose the winner. (Thank you, as well to Frances Santarella, Max’s mom and Tarrant’s West owner, who made it possible!)

Congratulations to Rich Markowitz for winning the grand prize - a fabulous set of Wolf cookware - with his Bison chili. (Thank you, Marc Ayscue and Ferguson Enterprises for donating the grand prize).  Kay Tyler took home the prize for number one best macaroni and cheese.  Congratulations, Kay!

Susan Taliaferro, Advisory Board member and playground planner, cut the ribbon, officially opening our new and improved renovated playground.  The money to accomplish the renovation has been made possible by the SSP Parents’ Council.  With Kari Hyman and Annie Turner leading the events, the entire preschool Parents’ Council has worked hard to raise funds with the Chilly Chili Cook Off and Trunk or Treat.  Both events have been hugely successful in the FUNd raising department.  Thanks to each of you who baked cookies, brought chili, moved tables and extension cords or sold tickets.  Our wonderful SSP families supported this event in so many ways!

Your efforts will continue to make a huge difference for the children!  Look for more features to be added in the next month or two. 

The next event on the horizon is Spirit Night in late April or early May.  See you there!