New Year, New Beginnings & Important Dates

We hope everyone had a safe and happy start to the new year.  It's been a little unusual with the crazy weather and school schedule.

Thanks for everyone’s cooperation during the snow and ice.  By now you know that we follow the schools nearest us, St. Bridgett’s, St. Catherine’s and St. Christopher’s closing schedule.  If two of the three schools are closed, we are closed.  Conversely, if two of the three are open (or not announced “closed”) then we are open.

Your teachers will email and/or text you if school is closed and our closing will be posted on Channel 6 if we are closed. Please make sure all contact information is correct and updated.

The phone system at the church is being replaced this month. Until that happens, we are unable to receive voice mails.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and eagerly await the new system!

New Five Day Students

We are delighted to welcome two new students, Lennox Hightower and Max Santarella, to our  five day students.  They joined after Thanksgiving and are learning the ropes rapidly.  Please join us in welcoming their families to our SSP community.

Important Dates:

January 15:  Martin Luther King Day   - School closed

January 16:  Vision Screening (for Pre-Kindergarten students)  - more information to follow

January 16 -17:  Toddler 2 Day Classes meet

January 18-19:  Toddler 3 day classes meet

January 18:  Hibernation Day – All classes wear pajamas to school (if the child would like)

January 23-24: Hearing and Speech Screening - more information to follow

January 27:  Chilly Chili Cook-off  11:00-1:00

February 7:  Staff meeting, No lunch bunch

February 9:  Professional Development Day – School closed

February 14:  Red Day

February 19:  Presidents’ Day - School closed

February 28:  Staff Meeting, No lunch bunch