Purple 3-Day Class Update

December has been peaceful in the Purple 3-Day Room as we talk about Advent being the season of waiting.  The children know the story of the birth of Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas.  They have enjoyed decorating our tree, “baking” gingerbread cookies, painting Christmas trees, making ornaments and nativity scenes, and of course playing with a stuffed Santa!

We continue to work on social skills, emphasizing kindness and caring for one another by asking a friend, “Are you ok?” when they are hurt or sad.  As I mentioned in most of our parent conferences, another key phrase we teach is, “May I have a turn with that when you are finished?”  Specifying “when you are finished” makes all the difference.  Most times, the child being asked will immediately or quickly hand over the desired toy and is happy to share.

.We wish you the merriest Christmas and a very Happy New Year.  

Thank you for blessing us with the love and care of your children.  
Sarah & Amy