Purple 2 Day Class Update

After wrapping up our celebration of winter with hibernation and penguins, we have moved on to talking about families and love and Valentine’s day.

In dramatic play, we have a laundry room which gets a lot of use!  

2 day 9.jpg

We love our new playground!  

So much growth is happening right now!  In short: 

• Movement from parallel play to associative play

• Showing empathy 

• Mindful breathing (without calling it that) to help settle down and control emotions.

(More on each of these below if you want to dig deeper.)

Thank you for entrusting us with the care and teaching of your children!  Every day is a pleasure and an adventure.

Sarah & Amy

• Movement from parallel play to associative play

The children are just now beginning to engage with one another, realizing that they have friendships and asking one another to play.  This is the shift from parallel (solitary but side-by-side) play to associative play.  

• Showing empathy
When the children upset each other or hurt each other, rather than asking them to say they are sorry, which they may not be, we ask them to check on their friend by asking, "Are you ok?”  This shifts their thinking into an empathetic stance. The difference is amazing.

 Mindful breathing (without calling it that) to help settle down and control emotions
We have been modeling mindful breathing (slow inhale followed by slightly longer exhale) when tantrums begin to try to distract and calm the child.  It works!  We say, Breathe with me and model a few slow breaths, then tell the child to use his/her words.  At our last staff meeting, Sara Waechter showed us “Rainbow breathing” which we will show the children this week.  Arms up in a rainbow arc on the first inhale - keep them up for the first exhale - slowly inhale again - arms come down in a rainbow arc on the second exhale.  Try it at home too!